Order picking

Cerfully picked, packed and shipped

Collecting orders

As soon as we receive orders from you, our warehouse software gets to work. It looks at whether your products should come from our Autostore or from our conventional warehouse. Both the robots from the Autostore and the manual order pickers for the larger products immediately get to work bringing everything to the operators.

During orderpicking the order is checked again by scanning all barcodes. After this, a brochure, leaflet or premium may also be included, depending on what is agreed upon.

On a daily basis, we process all orders placed in your online store until 11pm. These are then collected from us by the carriers overnight and in most cases reach the customer the next day.


Just before the orders enter our packing machine, they are photographed. This photo is immediately uploaded to our online platform with the order so you can immediately verify yourself that everything was in order. Also useful when, for example, a customer reports not having received everything.