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Sells beer, gadgets and merchandising online. At top level and worry-free.


Personalize products and merchandising.

Provide your customers with something unique or strengthen the branding of your brand. We engrave glasses, print textiles or other merchandising in our specially equipped workshop. Give your product a personal touch through a sleeve. This is a cardboard wrapper that is slid over the existing product. Ideal as a gift or marketing campaign.

Special unique packaging.

All your orders are packaged by us securely and ecologically. We provide extra strength so that bottles and glasses are sure to arrive in one piece. Additional requirements for your packaging? Card with it? Sticker on the box? We provide the desired packaging according to your preferences.

Beer packaging

Beer requires appropriate packaging since it is fragile. Therefore, it is very important to ship glass bottles safely.

We ensure this by packing every order in a sturdy and ecological manner. For this we use specific beer packaging with compartments and molds to keep everything nicely in place. Thus, bottles and glasses arrive at their destination without breakage.


The possibilities with personalization are endless. A beer glass with name or a wooden beer box with text? It’s possible. A quick and easy way to make products stand out is with a sleeve on which we let your design or corporate identity shine.

Let customers personalize a beer product by name or with their own message. Great to give and receive as a (corporate) gift.

Promotional fulfillment

Shipping many packages in a short period of time?

We can also support you in sending large quantities of shipments to different addresses. This makes realizing direct mail promotions, special offers or corporate gifts much easier. Read more.

A few references

Business cases

Brewery het Anker (Gouden Carolus, Maneblusser) wanted to expand its online presence with a web shop. They did this to meet the growing interest in the products they had previously sold only in the brewery store in Mechelen. There they mainly sell gift packages and merchandising such as t-shirts and accessories.

The brewery chose us as their partner, and we were very happy to assist them as proud Malinois in their first e-commerce story.

Strategic assistance

Together with those responsible within the brewery, we reviewed and evaluated the strategic plan. From our own e-commerce experience, we provided the necessary advice and made adjustments where necessary.

Webshop development

The web shop we built for them was equipped with all payment methods and various shipping options. The brewery’s layout requirements were taken into account to lean as closely as possible to their existing website. The online store was then fully linked to our e-fulfilment software so that orders automatically arrive at ShopWeDo for processing.

Personalization of glasses, wooden beer cases and sleeves

Thanks to our years of experience in personalization for e-commerce, we can also offer the brewery the ability to personalize products. So you can have your personalized Golden Carolus beer or whiskey glass engraved. Wooden gift boxes we print with a personal message. A success! You can also visit the Malines brewery for sleeve beer gifts.

Real-time monitoring through our online platform and app

Everything we do for the online shop can be tracked in real time in our online platform. This gives the brewery 24/7 access to inventory management and order status. They are also kept proactively informed of any stock issues or problems. Thanks to our app, everything can be tracked via smartphone.

The result

What began as an experiment has since become a success. Almost immediately after the launch there were more orders than expected. Several months later, we clearly saw an upward trend. Meanwhile, we continue to make plans with the brewery to expand this e-commerce project.

Swinkels Family Brewers expanded its channels, selling beer brands such as Rodenbach, Cornet and Brugge Tripel through S-hop. As a logistics partner, ShopWeDo is happy to be part of their e-commerce story.

Appropriate advice

After understanding Swinkels’ current e-commerce strategy, we gave them a concrete proposal. We used our industry knowledge and experience to provide advice tailored to their needs and wants.

Webshop logistics

The web store S-hop (the shop behind breweries De Hoorn, Palm, De Gouden Boom and Rodenbach) was linked to our platform. That way, orders automatically arrive at ShopWeDo and we take care of processing and shipping each order.

Gift packs with personalization

Through our expertise of various personalization techniques and knowledge within e-commerce, we can offer added value to Swinkels and their clients. With a sleeve or cardboard wrapper, each gift box is given a unique character.

Monitoring in real time

On our online platform and app, they can monitor what is happening at ShopWeDo at any time. With access to inventory management and order status, they are always up to date in real time. We also keep them easily informed of potential problems and stock follow-ups.

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