E-fulfilment for fashion and accessories

Sells clothing, shoes, handbags and fashion accessories online. At top level and worry-free.


Special packaging.

We understand that the unboxing experience is important. We pack in an ecologically responsible manner, using both shipping boxes and shipping bags. Do you have additional requests: card included, wrapping in silk paper? Tell us and we’ll get this done.

Stocking on mini locations or pendants.

The cost associated with stocking goods plays into the success of your fashion web shop. For clothing and other fashion items, we provide you with mini locations, as well as storage on clothes hangers.

Order picking and packing at economical prices.

With smooth processing, your customers get their packages to their homes quickly and inexpensively. To do this, we have competitive rates and work with different shipping companies. Save yourself a lot of time and concentrate on the sales and marketing of your online store.

A few references

Business cases

Designer Wendy discovered from her own experience what was missing in the market for people with cancer. The chemo scarves she found did not suit her. The scarves were either pricey, not modern enough or were uncomfortable to wear due to hard stitching. So she began designing her own collection. On her webshop Rosette la Vedette sells the self-designed chemo hats and scarves.

Wendy’s webshop grew rapidly from the beginning. To focus more on the creative and commercial aspect of her creations, she chose us as the logistics partner of her fashion webshop.

Quick to ship many packages, cut-off to 11 p.m. and Saturday delivery

That’s our specialty: shipping many orders quickly to customers’ homes or to a pickup point. Especially after the weekend or during busy peak periods, orders can come in quick succession. Our services make it easy to process many orders in a short period of time. A cut-off time to 11 p.m. is not a luxury, consumers mainly buy online in the evening. Therefore, a later order deadline translates into higher sales.

More efficiency

From the point that you average 10 orders a day, you can easily save money with e-fulfilment. We stock its stock in our warehouse and can offer advantageous packaging rates. Therefore, outsourcing the logistics of a clothing web shop is certainly interesting.

E-commerce WMS and smartphone app

When outsourcing e-fulfilment, it is important to be able to track orders from the web shop anytime, anywhere. We provided the link between the web shop and the e-WMS software. That is, orders automatically enter the ShopWeDo system for order processing. On the online platform, Rosette la Vedette has 24/7 access to inventory management and the status of deliveries, returns and orders. The owner is also kept proactively informed of any stock issues or problems.

Fast inbound and returns processing

Fashion e-commerce is known for returned clothing by online customers. Through the system, returns are clearly tracked. As a Web shop owner, you decide what will happen to these returns.


The big advantage for Wendy’s webshop? More time for the development of new products, faster service and a hefty savings in the logistics costs of its web shop.

Webshop fulfillment from Belgium, why not?

We provide from stock to return


Order picking until 11 p.m.







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