Sustainable packaging with an extra touch

Sturdy box, no unnecessary air

When an order is fully orderpicked, it is professionally packed. There are numerous options for packaging your orders. This is always discussed and tested with you in advance. Together, we determine which boxes to use and, if necessary, which filling material is most appropriate. Children’s toys are packaged differently than a bottle of wine.

Most orders are packed through our automatic packing machines. Each box is customized in size, that way we minimize the packing and filling material. This way we don’t send any unnecessary air and in addition the boxes are biodegradable glued which ensures that we don’t use plastic anymore, wonderfully sustainable.
These machines can also print any box the way you want. Even personalized with your customer’s name.

Do your items still not fit in our automatic machines? No problem, our team is ready to carefully pack your order manually.

Everyone's own printed box

Our wrapping machines are equipped with a unique feature. They can print any box with a full color print on the lid.

This is how you make your delivery extra “Instagrammable”. You can easily upload and manage these prints through our platform. For example, you can vary the print by season, have a specific print when a certain product is in the box (e.g. “fragile”) or personalize the box with a message and your customer’s first name.

Unboxing experience

Your customer’s experience starts with the unpacking of the order. Having run online stores ourselves for over 20 years, we know this all too well.

In our fulfillment center, we have access to a professional digital printing facility through a subsidiary company. Together with these colleagues, we have developed some unique things that can be easily added to any order.

An experience inlay, a personalized thank you card, unique gift vouchers, personalized product wraps, etc.

We can even personalize your products, print textiles, engrave glass, leather and wood. Many of our customers create a lot of additional sales with this without any additional investment.

The possibilities are endless.