B2C e-commerce logistics

You run your online store, we’ll take care of the rest.

From order untill return. Until 23h.

Located in the center of Europe

Belgium is the logistics gateway to Europe. Only one border away from the big European e-commerce markets: Germany, United Kingdom, France and The Netherlands.

Next day delivery in Europe

Due the central location of Belgium in Europe, we can offer next day delivery in every European country.

Easy world wide delivery

We can quickly and easily deliver your packages around the world.

Autostore robot

Robot orderpicking untill 23h.

With a smart combination of the Autostore robotic system, software and humans we pick your orders until 23h.

Sustainable Packaging.

With our automatic packing machines, we keep packing and filling material to a minimum. No more unnecessary air and plastic.

24/24 online controle.

In our online portal you have a real-time view of your stock and the status of your orders anytime, anywhere.

Printed box.

Our automatic packing machines print every box the way you want it. Even personalized with your customer’s name.

Unboxing experience on point.

Printed outer box, experience inlay or even a personalized card is possible thanks to our own in house digital printing facility.

Choose your carrier.

Choose your favorite, set them up through our platform according to your rules or we just always use the cheapest.

Plug & play plugins