Our fulfilment process

Let us take care of your webshop logistics so you can focus on what really matters: increase sales.
This is our process.


Supply inventory

You can deliver the products from your webshop to our warehouse yourself or you can also have your supplier deliver directly. In advance, you provide information via our online platform about which supplier we can expect and what products they will bring.

Upon arrival, goods are temporarily stored in a locked and secured INBOUND area until you approve it for storage.

Based on the data you provided us, we check the quality and quantity of the delivered products, everything is weighed, 3D scanned and, if necessary, the THT and lot number are documented.
If there are any discrepancies, you will automatically be notified and we will contact you to discuss what needs to be done.

In some cases, products must be sealed or repackaged in other smaller packages. This all happens in the INBOUND zone.


Storage and inventory management

Within our fulfillment center with use an Autostore storage bins system. Your products are stored in one of the 10 000’s of bins. A state-of-the art robot-controlled system where your products are stored dust-free, theft-preventive and very compact.

To manage all this, we have a hyper intelligent Warehouse Management System (WMS). A modern system where a team of developers works on new innovations and improvements day in and day out.

This system ensures that our robots work seamlessly with the operators for optimal handling and control of your inventory.

Our Warehouse Management System can be accessed online 24/7, anywhere in the world and includes various reporting options to keep track of your inventory.


Order picking

As soon as we receive orders our robots get to work.
The Autostore robots immediately start bringing the products to the operators who can then pick them from the bins.

Some order picking ports are already equipped with robotic arms that can pick products and put them into packing boxes without any human intervention. This allows us to work even more efficiently and to reduce errors to the absolute minimum.



All your orders are packed by our automatic packing machines. Each box is customized in size, that way we minimize the packing and filling material. We do not send unnecessary air and the boxes are glued which ensures that we do not use plastic anymore, wich is very sustainable.
This machine can also print any box the way you want. Even personalized with your customer’s name.

Do your items still not fit in our automatic machines? No problem, our team is ready to carefully pack your order manually.



We have agreements with almost all known carriers. This allows us to ship your orders worldwide.

Due to Belgium’s unique central location, we have all major European e-commerce markets just one border away from us. This means that in countries such as the Netherlands, France, Germany and the UK we can deliver within one day at very low rates.

You have complete control over this yourself. Choose your favorite, set them up through our platform according to your rules or we just always choose the cheapest.


Returns and Return Portal

When a shipment is returned, it is processed and entered into our online platform as quickly as possible. You will then immediately receive a notification via email by our software.

Our returns department will process your returned products as soon as possible after arrival. What exactly should happen with your returns is something we agree on together.


Customer Service

Our first-line help desk staff can also take some of your web store support away from you.

Often more than half of the customer questions are logistics related. Subject to prior arrangements, our employees can follow up these for you via phone and e-mail.