Receipt of goods / inbound

The most important link in the entire fulfilment process

Stock replenishment

Supply inventory

You can deliver your goods to our warehouse yourself or have your supplier deliver it directly to us. In advance, you provide information via our online platform about which supplier we can expect and what products they will bring.

Upon arrival, goods are temporarily stored in a locked and secured INBOUND area until you approve it for storage.

Quality and quantity control

Check delivery

Based on the data you provided us, we check the quality and quantity of the products delivered and replenish the stock in our system. If there are any discrepancies, you will automatically be notified and we will contact you to discuss what needs to be done.

Pictures are always taken immediately of any incoming goods where something is wrong with them. Your suppliers’ delivery notes are also photographed, these photos are immediately visible in our online platform. That way, you’ll have the right forms and information right away.

In some cases, products must be sealed or repackaged in other smaller packages. This all happens in the INBOUND zone.

Only when everything is in order according to the agreements made, do we take the products to their location in our warehouse.

Document scan

All documents (packing slips, etc.) from your delivery are scanned and immediately available online.

Weighing, scanning and photographing

All incoming products are individually weighed and photographed. This allows us to do smart checks during order picking and shipping.


In order to work flawlessly and quickly in our automatic sorting, barcodes are mandatory. No EAN barcodes on your product? No problem, we provide it.

Quality Control

When a delivery arrives damaged in our inbound, the necessary photos are taken of it immediately. These can be accessed immediately in our online platform.

Expiry date and batch number registration

We can track expiration dates, batch numbers and notify you when a particular product expires.